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Character Creation Process

I follow a collaborative process for designing characters, working closely with you to refine the character iteratively until we meet your vision.  The following is the step-by-step process I use to build character portraits:

  1. BASE: Browse all the models of the appropriate gender, ignoring coloring and tones and focusing on the general size and shape of the model.  Most importantly, try to select a model that best matches the features of the face you envision.  While all aspects of the character can further be fine-tuned and changed later, try to select a character whose facial structure most represents your desired end state.  

  2. TONE: Browse the models again, this time ignore all of the body structure and simply look at the skin tone of the characters.  Select a skin tone that represents the desired coloring for your character.  If you can't find a perfect match, select the closest one and let me know what adjustments needed to be made.

  3. DEFINITION:  This information reflects the fitness and strength of the character which drive the size and shape of their muscles.  Providing your numerical value for Strength and Dexterity is helpful to set a baseline.  Approximate height and weight can be useful.

  4. EYES: Coloring. Shape. Size.

  5. HAIR: Style, length and coloring.

  6. CLOTHES: Description

  7. PROPS: (Weapon, shield, accessories, etc).

  8. POSE: Body pose and facial expression.

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